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I purchased my first synthesizer, a Moog Rogue monosynth, in 1981. My collection has changed quite a bit in the interveening years. At the moment I'm down to just eleven synths and my piano...for some idea of what can be done with this stuff, please check out my Music page for MP3s.

Korg OASYS - I love this board! Fantastic UI, Sweet Sound - just amazing! Multiple deep synth engines and MIDI sequencing as well as hard disk recording make this a great all-rounder!

Clavia Nord Stage 76 - A great weighted controller keyboard that feels and sounds like a dream. When I'm just in the studio to play or practice, sometimes this is the only board that gets turned on.

Serge Modular - The most flexible analog modular synth out there IMHO. Myriad posibilities compared to hard-wired synths. Please check out my Serge Resource Pages!

Waldorf MicrowaveXT - Possibly my favorite synth of all time - nothing else can make the sounds this beast does! True scanning-wavetable synthesis.

Minimoog Voyager Old School - A perfectly beastly dual-oscillator analog monosynth. Wonderful character and fast to program!

Korg Lambda - An old string/ensemble machine with as lush a character as one could ever want. Analogue through-and-through with dual BBD chorus and 96 VCAs!

Yamaha VL1 - A brilliant physical modelling synth. Simply awesome for wind instrument emulation!

A.D.A.M. P11-A Monitors - Very clean, flat response studio monitors. Great price/performance ratio!

TC Electronic FireworX - One of the weirdest, most amazing effects boxes of all time. Really.

Universal Audio LA-610 - An uncompromising tube channelstrip combining Bill Putnam's excellent 610 mic pre with a LA-2A style comp with an honest-to-goodness T4 opto unit. The ultimate "vocal channel"!

Focusrite Trak Master - An excellent channel strip for an excellent price. Nice enough quality that I own two.

Various Outboard Gear - including a cheap Ovation guitar, A sweet Harmonium, some decent microphones, compressors and preamps, lots and lots of hand percussion, a few Ocarinas, my old four track tape recorder and my Aeron chairs.

What you give is what you get.

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