My Home-Made Laptop

I started with an old wooden artist's storage box, added some scavenged Industrial PC parts, a LCD monitor from a defunct "Information Kiosk", a bunch of little bolts, nuts and lockwashers from the local hardware store, and a surplus power supply from eBay. Voilla!

Assembly of all the disparate parts took just one day but getting everything to work together took all weekend ^_^
...don't even ask how long it took to find all the drivers on the web! Very carefull inspection of the printed circuit boards for manufacturer's logos and model numbers eventually bore fruit.

So here it is in all its glory: 200mhz Pentium processor, 2gig HD, 64mb RAM, onboard video, onboard fast ethernet and a 12" LCD monitor! The little stick in the photo props the case open while in use and stores inside for transport. Fun? I think so.

What you give is what you get.

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